Ship Sale, Purchase and Registration


Our Office has vast experience in all aspects of sale and purchase transactions of commercial or pleasure vessels registered under any international flag, involving both Buyer’s and Seller’s representation, negotiation, legal assessment, drafting and coordination. We are able to refer and coordinate technical consultancies, professional vessel inspections and surveys, as well as marine insurances, to be conducted by experts with whom we have well-established professional cooperation. We are also well practiced in registering yachts under a variety of international flags, including but not limited to the flags of Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Italy, U.S.A., U.K. and Australia.




We represent our clients in all kinds of shipping related litigation (such as vessel arrests, mortgage enforcement, damages due to maritime accidents, public auction etc.), before the Greek Courts.

Our Office has successfully handled cases referring to crew and passengers’ claims, representing Ship Owners or opposing parties’ interests, either through negotiations or defense litigation. The accomplishment of an amicable out-of-court settlement of the case is our main goal.


We are also occupied with marine insurance claims regarding partial or total loss of the vessel, personal injury and any other damage caused during the policy period.


Charter Parties


Our Office is highly experienced in dealing with charter parties and in handling charter disputes arising from breach of contract, force majeure, etc.

While advising on drafting charter-party terms, we give an invaluable perspective and ability to foresee the problems that might arise and take measures to avoid them.


Broker Commission Disputes


Occasionally, a dispute will arise between a Broker and a Seller or Buyer over the payment of commissions. In this respect, it is preferable to have an executed written commission agreement. That agreement should set forth the amount of the commission, the entity that is responsible for the payment of the commission, etc.  Our Office can assist you in drafting these types of agreements, and should you have been denied an earned Broker commission or have been wrongfully charged an unearned commission, we can help you determine and enforce your rights and represent you in any way.